Providers of Cloud Based, Stand Alone & Shared Service Solutions

Since 1988 Tricostar have been passionate about bringing high quality. innovative technology solutions to organisations to reduce their costs, increase revenues and make more efficient use of their resources.

Our Cloud Solutions (also available in-house)

Time Recording

Providing intuitive and innovative time recording since 1988

Now in the “Cloud” or in-house, improve the efficiency of whole teams across your organisation with our pioneering software – from at little as £1.50 per user.

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Court & Document Bundling

A 100% web application reducing workloads and improving efficiency

Online or in-house software that collates documents into a secure system. Documents are easy to find and can be annotated and made used in court.

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Case Management

Secure, fast and a 100% web application

Maximise your resources and reduce the pressure and stress on your team, and keep your departments and teams running smoothly.

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We Team Up

Team and project collaboration in the “Cloud”

Centralise the management of multiple projects across multiple teams and multiple locations — all whilst on the move – from as little as £5.00 per user licence.

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Solutions for Reduced Costs, Increased Efficiency & Increased Revenue

Tricostar and its consultants have been bringing innovative technology solutions to the public and private sectors to reduce their costs, increase revenue and make more efficient use of precious resources, since 1988.

Our clients can point to real savings from six to seven figures as a result of the intelligent application of our product sets.

In the public sector our solutions are currently implemented in over 50 UK local authority and government departments and in areas such as legal services, ICT services, housing and many more. Many of these are being used as a Shared Software Service. In the private sector we have household names such as Debenhams and OKI.

Our products are 100% developed for the web (not just an old application that has been web enabled!) and they can be part of a Shared Service environment either in-house, hosted by Tricostar in UK based data centres or in Azure. Many of our solutions integrate with one another to work seamlessly together.

Working alongside, to provide cloud based shared services