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iSupport and Tricostar
Tricostar & iSupport: Solutions Together

iSupport is an IT help desk software provider that has been running since 1992, and has been working alongside Tricostar for many years. Whilst much of the technology we used today is taken for granted, the help desk industry was actually introduced to many features by...

Your Business' Technology
Asking Questions In Business: Do I Have The Right Technology?

The Importance of Good Software & Hardware in Your Business' Operations With technology becoming one of the fastest developing industries in the world, it's unsurprising that at times it can feel as though you and your business may be out of touch with what you really...

Sustainable IT Strategy
Building A Long-Term Sustainable IT Strategy

Planning Your IT Strategy The first thing to understand in considering your IT strategy is that it does not stand alone separate from the overall planning. IT strategy should sit hand-in-hand with organisational strategy, whether it be public or private sector. Planning for future expansion, or...

The Different Uses of Case Management Software

When it comes to case management software then we typically associate it with solicitors, law firms and legal departments who are looking to manage their, usually large, case load electronically and online. Though perfectly suited to this type of industry it is software whose elements...

Tricostar April Newsletter

Welcome to April's Newsletter
  In this issue of our Newsletter we are looking at
 2 key areas: Shared Service Case Management in Wales & England Case worker / Complaints Management system in Wales 
Choosing Timebase Case Management Shared Service Software – Making More Efficient Use of Resources In 2012 the...

Managing Complaints: How Software Can Help Your Service Team

A complaint is defined as an expression of dissatisfaction made to an organisation. This could be related to an organisations products, services, or even the customer service itself. Customers make complaints when they feel that their expectations have not been met, to help improve the...

Document Bundling Incorporates Cryptshare

The legal services in particular need to be sure that the documents that they are sending across the web are safe and secure, and Tricostar have created a way to do this. Document bundling has been one of Tricostar’s most popular solutions of recent years, and...

The Basics Of Project Management

Defining Your Project A Project can be defined as a piece of work that falls outside of the norm; something that needs to be done but isn’t part of the usual day-to-day business completed. This could mean anything from creating a new website to changing office...

Business Software History
Software & Technology Since The 1980s

How Business Software Has Developed Over Time At Tricostar, we are proud to say that we’ve been around for a very long time! As a company, we have been part of the most amazing technological revolution - with the development of computers and the Internet changing...

UK Government IT
UK Government Reducing Reliance on Microsoft

Exploring Other IT Options There has been much coverage recently about the UK government changing their approach to IT, including a change in attitude to their system suppliers. Recent reports suggest that they are ready to make a commitment to reducing their sole reliance on Microsoft...