silver lining
No End to the Silver Linings with Cloud Computing

The Silver Lining Many years ago, my teacher taught me to expect a silver lining to every cloud. Throughout my life, this metaphorical silver lining has helped get people through some stormy times. Back when I was learning about clouds from my teacher, there was no...

Sage CRM
With so many vendors, why get your Sage CRM from Tricostar?

Supplying Sage CRM Sage CRM is one of the best cloud software options that is currently available for business. With more than 12,000 companies and organizations using it today, there are obviously many vendors who are in the business of supplying Sage CRM. Tricostar is one...

government technology
Technology for government: Are there any reliable sources?
Most of the technology currently available in the market is to a large extent focused on the operations and running of private business. There are very few technology providers who are looking to develop and supply specialised technology for government departments and their operations. One of the main reasons for this is the highly specific requirements of the different government offices. Software or technology developed for a particular department can only be used in another similar department or office. The cost of such technology will in most cases be quite prohibitive and its limited market makes venturing into the business of supplying it, quite unattractive.
Reliable Company
What to look for in a great cloud computing company

Cloud computing has really caught on in the business world. The ease of access it provides is the main reason why every company is embracing it. However, the growing demand for cloud software and other cloud computing solutions seems to have contributed to an increase...

Event Management
Cloud software changing event management

The event management industry is not particularly old. It is among one of the newer businesses that have slowly gained prominence over the past 20 to 25 years. Its emergence can be largely attributed to the growing complexities that come with planning, organising and executing...

Technology Systems
How Modern Technology Improves Operations

As your company grows, you encounter new challenges that require innovative ways to handle. More and more business today is technology based and unless you keep your business up to date, you will find yourself left behind and soon out of work. Cloud computing is...

The benefits of procuring cloud SaaS

The cloud computing model has been applauded for bringing with it many significant benefits. One of these benefits is the availability of cloud software as a service. While SaaS is a benefit of cloud computing, there are a number of important advantages that result from...

Securing Reliable Software
Sourcing Reliable & Stable Software

IT companies often base their marketing strategies on the newness of the technology used to develop their products. The nature of most IT products and the mindset of most consumers is such that the market believes that the newer the technology, the better it must...

Cloud Computing
Making the Switch

Is your business ready for cloud computing? Growing pains can often cripple service managers and network administrators. As and when when businesses grow, so too does the demand for technology which often leads to company-wide system upgrades. Upgrading networks can be costly to implement, as well as...

Sage CRM
Customer Relationship Management & Sage

Customer acquisition is one of the most crucial processes for SME's, particularly for startups and those who are still young. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software was a late addition to the world desktop computing, but today is used by tens of thousands of companies all...

ISO 27001 – The IMIS Standard

The International Organisation for Standards ISO 27001 refers to recent developments in software and data security, ensuring that the new standard is certifiable for audit. Accreditation is available via a certified consultant who will analyse existing systems and business processes in place. Companies seeking data and software...

iso 27001
Business Processes that Lead to Cloud Computing

There has been significant growth in the use of cloud software in business transactions. There is cloud software for almost any business process or operation you could think of. Among the many applications that have caused companies to take up cloud solutions, there are three...