Timebase247 Time Recording
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Timebase247 – Time Recording on Windows Azure (ISO 27001 Certified)

Available corporately from as little as 80pence per user per month inclusive

Timebase247 is Software-as-a-Service (Saas) Time Recording on Windows Azure. It provides all the features of our product outlined below in a “cloud environment“Why Windows Azure?

Because it is provided by Microsoft and is one of, if not the most, secure hosting platforms in the world.

Why use Timebase247?:

  • It’s significantly less expensive than any other option you may be considering (e.g. on-premise or hosted) by up to 30%
  • Its implementation is far faster than any other option you could take
  • You only pay for usage
  • It is highly scalable to thousand’s of users
  • The number of licensed users is flexible by month
  • Minimal training is required

Not looking for Time Recording on a SaaS Model? Take a look at our
On-premise and Hosted solutions

Key Features and Benefits

  • Reduced Costs
    Paid for incrementally and scaled to your requirements with lower set-up costs.
  • Usage
    You only pay for the storage and bandwidth the business uses.
  • Secure
    Microsft Windows Azure is the latest technology in place to ensure all your security requirements can be met. Well-protected data centres are likely to be safer than information on your laptop or server.
  • Stay Current
    Software upgrades are seamless with system availability 24/7.
  • Mobility
    Using any mobile device with web access.
  • Flexibility
    Change your plan at any time to suit the requirements of the business.

Real-Time Time Recording

Timebase247 provides a ‘stop-watch’ style time recording facility to allow users to record their time as they are working.

Users can begin to record time immediately at the touch of a button, and then once they have finished their task fill in the matter and activity detail, with fully functional Pause & Interrupt facilities.

Timebase also provides the user with a ‘Recent List’. This shows the user the 10 most recent matters they have worked on and allows them to view or beginning timing against those matters at the click of a button.

Retrospective Time Recording

Users may record historic time or time spent away from the office.

For those users who prefer to record all their time at once, they can easily do so by filling in a timesheet entry against each of the matters they have worked on, be it chargeable, non-chargeable or an expense or income activity.

This can be done across a range of matters, acitivities and dates.

Full Client and Management Reporting

Our 20+ years of time recording experience in the government legal market means that Timebase comes with a full set of pre-defined reports that allow all users to report on any aspect of the system, be it internal or external activities.

Administrators can also create their own using the inbuilt simple to use wizard driven user interface. Should you be a user of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) or Crystal Reports, this will also integrate directly with the system. All reports can be exported to RTF, MSWord, PDF or MSExcel.

Departmental Time Recording & Security

The highly granular security model allows separate departments to have their own time recording systems with “firewalls” between departmental data.

This is ideal for organisations who would like to use the benefits of time recording, across multiple departments, but use only one shared service system to do so.

Multi Client Time Recording

Within the same system you can not only record an activity against a file for a client but also record time against a type of work and then link it to a client file – ideal when you are doing a lot of similar activities for many different clients.

Fixed Fee & Budget Options

Timebase247 allows you to record time against Fixed Fee’s and budgets while still being able to compare your costs. This enables for more accurate budgeting in the future.