GDPR and Security

Why Your Case Management Application and Its Documents are Safer Hosted with Microsoft Azure

With the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in law from April 2018 there are some critical questions you need to answer about your documents and communications, case management, time recording or document bundling applications.

  1. A key requirement of the GDPR is that your data is identifiable and secure, regardless of where it’s stored or how it’s shared. How are you going to achieve this? With Azure Information Protection (AIP) you can classify, label, and protect new or existing data, share it securely with people within or outside your organisation, track usage, and even revoke access remotely. Tricostar has extensive expertise, and proven implementation methodology for helping to deploy AIP, without any disruption to your business.
  2. Is your infrastructure compliant with GDPR’s goals of security, privacy, transparency and compliance? Does it have the depth of Azure’s compliance?
  3. How confident are you only authorised users can access your data (Azure helps you ensure that only authorised users can access your computing environments, data, and applications).
  4. Do you have multi-factor authentication? Azure does.
  5. Do you use Azure Active Directory (AD) Privileged Identity Management, you can manage, control, and monitor access within your organisation?

Protecting personal data in your systems, and reporting on and reviewing for compliance are key requirements of the GDPR

How does Microsoft Azure with Tricostar Case Management do this for you?

  1. The Azure Security Centre provides you with visibility and control over the security of your Azure resources. It continuously monitors your resources, provides helpful security recommendations, and helps you prevent, detect, and respond to threats.
  2. Data encryption in Azure storage secures your data at rest and in transit. You can, for example, automatically encrypt your data when it is written to Azure Storage using Storage Service Encryption. Additionally, you can use Azure Disk Encryption to encrypt operating systems and data disks used by virtual machines. Data is protected in transit between an application and Azure so that it remains secure at all times.
  3. Azure Key Vault enables you to safeguard your cryptographic keys, certificates, and passwords that help protect your data.
  4. Azure Log Analytics provides configurable security auditing and logging options that can help you identify and repair gaps in your security policies to prevent breaches.
  5. Implement Dynamic Data Masking to protect employees from seeing defined sensitive data.
  6. Help meet the data breach notification requirement of the GDPR with SQL Database Threat Protection.

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For added security host in the “Cloud” with Microsoft Azure virtual machines