Asking Questions In Business: Do I Have The Right Technology?

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Asking Questions In Business: Do I Have The Right Technology?

The Importance of Good Software & Hardware in Your Business’ Operations

With technology becoming one of the fastest developing industries in the world, it’s unsurprising that at times it can feel as though you and your business may be out of touch with what you really need. A focus on efficiency is crucial, and getting the right technology to help your enterprise grow can be a challenging prospect.

The key thing about finding the right technology for your business is to stay grounded – whilst you should appreciate new inventions, don’t get swept up the in excitement of new gadgets and fads.

The best way to do this is to carefully think through and create a list of exactly what your company needs and can gain from venturing into new technology.


  • Create a hardware budget straight away, as the likelihood is that this is the main aspect of technology that is going to set your company back a few pounds. Hardware devices include computers, printers, mobile phones/smart phones and wireless devices (e.g tablets or iPads.)
  • Make a list of all the different equipment you believe you will have to purchase, for example laptops, fax machines, printers and computers.
  • If you have existing systems, ensure that the new technology is fully compatible with the old. Service and software selection is heavily facilitated by desktop and laptops being of the same brand, model and spec.
  • Choose hardware that is upgradeable where possible. Any good hardware will have the ability to add further storage and memory at a later date which can be crucial and money saving when your business begins to grow.
  • Pick a dependable vendor and look to stick with them for as long as possible, so long as they fulfil your needs. A steady professional relationship with a reliable vendor can ensure loyalty related deals, save time in the purchasing process and mean better service. Furthermore, when deciding which vendor to go with make sure you thoroughly research the company’s service track record as well as their history. It can be worth checking with colleagues and friends as well.
  • Once you have your list of hardware drawn up, consider buying in bulk. Many vendors cater to bulk buying with attractive offers and it can end up saving you some money.


  • Software is essential for a business to being able to run efficiently. You need software to help manage your accounts, your point of sales and to create contracts and further documents.
  • Choose a software package that includes good IT support. This way if a problem does arise you’ll be certain that someone will be able to help you resolve it at no additional cost.
  • Try before you buy! All reasonable and reliable software companies will allow you to test drive a free trial or demo version prior to purchasing the software for your company.

Cloud Technology

  • The term ‘cloud computing’ generally refers to anything that can involve delivering hosted IT applications over the internet.
  • One of the biggest benefits of using cloud computing is the increased amount of storage, as well as scalability and efficiency.
  • The perfect amount of storage for your business can be allocated to you and can be increased any time you want or need more.
  • Cloud computing is inexpensive in comparison to older technological methods such as on-premise hosted.
  • There are lower set-up costs and it can be scaled perfectly for your requirements.

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