Does Your Business Need Time Recording Software?

Does Your Business Need Time Recording Software?

Our cloud based time recording solutions provide you with the information you need to analyse the use of your business’s resources, helping you to improve efficiencies and justify costs. Time recording software allows employees to keep track of the time and resources spent on joint projects, in real-time. This can be used to create activity billing with full client justification.

With the touch of a button, users can use a stop-watch style clock to accurately keep track of the time spent working on specific activities, from small tasks to large scale projects. ‘Recent List’ functionality allows users to see what time has been spent on their most recent tasks, allowing them to plan time for subsequent tasks appropriately.

The software also allows users to track time spent, even when not using the program. Users can enter historical time data via a timesheet, including specific details such as whether it is chargeable, the date, type of activity, etc.

Pre-defined settings allow users to create clear, attractive and informative reports to display data on both internal and external activities. Microsoft SSRS and SAP Crystal Reports users can also integrate data with the system, outputting reports in a number of formats, including Microsoft Word and Excel, and PDFs.

Our Timebase Time Recording software also contains a range of other useful features, including Multi-Client time recording, Expenses and Income recording, and Full Case Management upgrades.

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