Managing Complaints: How Software Can Help Your Service Team

Managing Complaints: How Software Can Help Your Service Team

A complaint is defined as an expression of dissatisfaction made to an organisation. This could be related to an organisations products, services, or even the customer service itself. Customers make complaints when they feel that their expectations have not been met, to help improve the service that the organisation provides and/or because of their concern for other people that also use the service.

Generally between 9-37% of unhappy customers will make a complaint to a firm. It is important to remember that not all unhappy customers will make complaints, some believe that it isn’t worth the time or effort and that the company would not be concerned with or solve their problem.

The most important thing to remember in terms of complaints is that a complaint is a gift. If a customer is complaining, then they are giving you a chance to retain their services. This can further be managed and attained through the use of certain complaints management softwares.

As technology changes and grows, so it begins to help businesses deal with the many challenges that they have to face as they move into larger markets. With this in mind, it makes sense to reference customer service management software as one of the most helpful tools to have come out of the technological movement.

Manage Your Customers Expectations

Customer service management software can help you manage what your customers expect from you. Just as you may have expectations of what you aim to gain from a business-customer relationship, so will your consumers, and its important to have those outlined so that you are able to match them and offer the best service that you can.

One of the most common expectations customers make of businesses is that if there is a problem it should be resolved as quickly as possible with utmost communication. Customer service management software can help by tracking your products and orders and alerting you as soon as there is a problem, allowing you to fix it immediately. Furthermore, the software can explain why and how any mistakes or problems have occurred, letting you apply preventative measures so it doesn’t happen again.

Some customer service management programmes also keep you up to date with automated emails, both to yourself and your customer, to help keep a high level of transparency and open communication. By being able to track what is being done to resolve issues you can respond with honesty and full details when a customer contacts you. This can help a customer regain trust and build loyalty.

Streamline Your Service Procedures

Another benefit of customer service management software is that is can streamline your companies ability to resolve complaints because you have more information at your fingertips than ever before.

Some of the procedures that your team have to go through in order to deal with customer service complaints would take a great deal longer if they had to be completed manually; a customer service management software programme can greatly speed up these processes enabling you to solve your customers queries quickly.

Offer Your Customers An Insight

If you are not able to meet your customers expectations of your company and resolve their complaints, the experience will translate to a negative brand image. This could mean losing customers or worse, it could mean those lost customers openly speak of the poor service and therefore damage your brand reputation.

When you use customer service management software you are able to better track exactly what complaints are being made. For example, if it is constantly order tracking that is complained about then you know specifically which area needs work on. Customer service management software offers you a better insight to your customers needs and demands enabling you to offer excellent customer service which had solidify loyalty in customers, boost sales and persuade customers to recommend you. All this without any additional marketing from you!


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