Technology for government: Are there any reliable sources?

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Technology for government: Are there any reliable sources?

Most of the technology currently available in the market is to a large extent focused on the operations and running of private business. There are very few technology providers who are looking to develop and supply specialised technology for government departments and their operations. One of the main reasons for this is the highly specific requirements of the different government offices. Software or technology developed for a particular department can only be used in another similar department or office. The cost of such technology will in most cases be quite prohibitive and its limited market makes venturing into the business of supplying it, quite unattractive.

Government departments will therefore often find it difficult to acquire the technology they need at a reasonable price and to the specifications they require. In most cases, governments have to make do with technologies that are a few years behind the current solutions. An example is where you find that there are limited options when it comes to cloud software for government departments yet the market is saturated with cloud technology for the private sector. So what viable options are open to government departments that are looking to stay technologically current?

The most important consideration in the procurement of technology for governments is the experience and specialisation of the supplier. With a well established company that specialises in supplying cloud software or other modern technologies for specific government departments, officials involved in the procurement of such technology are assured of quality, performance and support. Such a supplier can be trusted to deliver current solutions and also posses the capacity to resolve any issues that may arise.

Another important benefit that comes from working with a vendor who specialises in the supply of technology for government is that they will often offer affordable solutions. Due to their specialisation in dealing with government departments, they will offer solutions that are within the current budget of such departments.

The answer to the question on whether there really are reliable vendors offering technology specifically for government departments is a resounding YES! However, you need to ensure that you the vendor you decide to work with is experienced and specialised in delivering the solutions you are looking for.