The Benefits of Cloud Computing

30 Apr The Benefits of Cloud Computing

When a business or organization utilizes cloud computing, their data and software is moved from being stored on-site, to a shared infrastructure, otherwise known as a ‘cloud’. The storage offered by this shared infrastructure from a cloud provider is essentially leased for the duration of time a business requires it. There are many benefits associated with this style of computing, including:

  • Accessibility. Accessing data on a cloud removes the need for users to be in the office – the information can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. Neither does the user need to install any software on their computer – only an internet browser is required.
  • Cost-Effectiveness. Cloud computing removes the need to purchase any hardware or software, there is no on-site maintenance, no system administration and there is no need to purchase upgrades. With all of this handled by the cloud provider, businesses can save money.
  • Security. The sort of security measures cloud-providers have in place are far more advanced than most businesses would be able to afford, as they incur very large up-front costs. Additionally, these measures are constantly improving as cloud providers quickly update their security frameworks to stay on top.
  • Automatic Updates. Because cloud software is automatically updated, businesses can have access to the most up-to-date security measures, as well as save money, not needing to purchase upgrade licences themselves.
  • Scalability. Because cloud services are often subscription based, businesses have no need to buy all the hardware and software licences from the start – they can pay for only the features they require, scaling as the business grows.
  • Data Integrity and Back-ups. The enterprise-level backup used by cloud providers far surpasses that which most businesses could afford, meaning your data is safe and secure in the event of disaster.

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