Using Cloud Computing Software in a Storm

Using Cloud Computing Software in a Storm

This British winter has highlighted that cloud computing software is undoubtedly the way forward. With so many office hours being lost to the snow and ice, businesses have lost millions of pounds. If more people had the option to work effectively from home using top range cloud systems, this could be prevented.

Access CRM From Anywhere

We don’t prepare for adverse weather conditions in the UK, it is so often our downfall. But working remotely isn’t always as easy as it should be. People often don’t have access to the systems and applications that they need, when they need them.

Cloud-based business tools are becoming increasingly popular for all kinds of businesses. A key reason for this is that they are usually accessible from mobile devices and remote locations with internet connection.

We’ve witnessed from the recent mobile technology revolution that business on-the-move is becoming massively popular. As businesses, we need to adapt to remain efficient and get the most from our teams.

Benefits of Cloud CRM

Here we outline some of the most appealing features of cloud-based CRM, useful even when the snow isn’t confining us to the indoors.

Ease of Access: Easy access to business applications via entering your username and password. This anytime access benefit means that you can access your Cloud systems from all the supported devices quickly and easily.

Communication & Connection: Communication is key. If you’re unable to access the office, the distance from your colleagues is negligible when collaborating via a cloud-based system or CRM application. It means that you’re connected to your colleagues, you remain aware of customer issues, and stay on top of sales opportunities.

Productivity: Good productivity is essential in successful business, and cloud-based CRM can benefit your productivity massively. The ability to go mobile means that journeys aren’t wasted and there’s always the option to continue working remotely. If it’s possible to access your application on your mobile device, the portability means that you don’t waste effort with a heavy laptop PC. If you’re lucky enough to own a tablet computer like the iPad or Surface, you can access your system even easier when out and about.

Processing Product & Service Orders: When a company rep achieves a sale and takes an order – perhaps internationally – it can be logged in the cloud immediately, confirmed by the customer and the order can be processed straight away. This ensures an unbeatable service for the customer or client, and an efficient structure of orders for your colleagues who ensure delivery.

If you need to know more about Cloud Computing Software, get in touch with our experts at Tricostar to see how we can help your business.