What is Microsoft Sharepoint?

What is Microsoft Sharepoint?

Microsoft Sharepoint is designed to make it easier for people to work together and share data.

Sharepoint is a business website platform built by Microsoft which allows business employees to share documents and manage projects, as well as publishing and sharing information with clients and customers.

Insights within Sharepoint allow for detailed database data to be viewed and analysed by anyone granted permission. Reports can be created and downloaded to display the required data to improve business processes and analyse performance.

Sharepoint also acts as a Content Management System (CMS). Users can set up behind the scene compliance measures; the interface allows for content sorting and lets your employees work as normal in Microsoft Office applications. An inbuilt intuitive search function allows users to find the information and contacts required to quickly and effectively get jobs done.

Sharepoint is an incredibly powerful platform embraced by numerous businesses, large and small. Although intuitive and user friendly, there are always ways to improve efficiency, increase functionality and learn new processes. Our Sharepoint consultancy services are a great way to achieve this. They allow businesses to work closely with our client base, ensuring they get best value from this powerful Microsoft solution.

The services we offer businesses include:

  • Setting up SharePoint in your environment
  • Business case development. Assessing the impact, costs and benefits of implementing a SharePoint solution
  • Assistance with converting existing applications and sites to work with SharePoint
  • Assistance and guidance on moving your documents to SharePoint
  • Development of web parts or custom SharePoint applications
  • Integration of SharePoint with other Microsoft platforms
  • SharePoint Integration with your in-house systems to customised solutions