What to expect from Timebase

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What to expect from Timebase

Timebase is no doubt one of the star products that Tricostar has to offer. The product has been successfully delivered to public sector clients as SaaS for the management of legal cases as well as public office processes that require managing and sharing data. Through the use of Timebase, local authorities and other public offices have enjoyed simpler and more efficient operations which have significantly improved service delivery to the public.

Since its initial release in 2011, subsequent versions of Timebase have gained greater capability through the inclusion of newer features as well as the deployment of advanced technologies. Building on its successes in the public sector, the Timebase version for corporate has been developed with an aim of significantly improving service delivery to the clients of any business that deploys this software.

As Timebase is cloud software, the first thing to expect from the corporate version is the convenience and efficiencies that are characteristic of cloud resources. Sharing information resources, managing and monitoring projects and all other benefits that come with cloud based technologies will be delivered through this version of Timebase.

The ability to accommodate extensive customisation is another important benefit that clients will be getting from the corporate version of Timebase. This means that you can easily and conveniently manipulate the software to suit your organisations unique needs and operations.

Affordability is also to be expected from this new cloud solution. Having been in business for almost quarter of a century, Tricostar understands the importance of cost effective solutions for the corporate market. By balancing the cost of delivering high quality cloud software and the need to offer affordable computing resources, clients should expect a well priced product that will give them great value for their money.

Over and above everything else, the market should expect the consistent quality and performance of all Tricostar products to be demonstrated and reaffirmed by this version of Timebase.