With so many vendors, why get your Sage CRM from Tricostar?

Sage CRM

With so many vendors, why get your Sage CRM from Tricostar?

Supplying Sage CRM

Sage CRM is one of the best cloud software options that is currently available for business. With more than 12,000 companies and organizations using it today, there are obviously many vendors who are in the business of supplying Sage CRM. Tricostar is one among these vendors who happen to be supplying the exact same product with unbeatable results for their clients. While, occasionally, some clients procure Sage CRM only to endure an expensive yet disappointing experience, there are many many more who enjoy an amazingly satisfying experience for a very reasonable price.

The secret behind Tricostar’s success as a vendor of the Sage CRM cloud software has been their adherence to a customer focused operation, the company’s extensive experience, specialisation and skills in supplying Sage and other types of cloud software as well as a true commitment to providing quality products.

Customer Focused

By focusing on their customers, Tricostar has managed to develop a unique customer satisfaction strategy that is founded on dealing with each client’s specific needs as opposed to a one size fits all, out of the box approach. The assessment and recommendations for each client are based on their particular operational requirements. This guarantees efficiency while also keeping costs as low as possible.

The experience, specialisation and skills that are possessed by the company’s staff are an integral component that has enabled Tricostar to deliver excellent services to their Sage CRM clients. These three competences have always come in handy when assessing, recommending and implementing client projects. Client training and problem resolution are also done in an effective and highly professional manner.

Unbeatable Quality

The quality aspect of Tricostar’s operation is well known. This has been consistently demonstrated by the company’s ability to deliver quality products to all its clients at all times. Those who have worked with Sage CRM applications or any other cloud software from Tricostar can attest to the excellent quality that the company delivers to its clients.

With these reasons, it is quite obvious that procuring your Sage CRM from Tricostar would be an excellent decision. You are guaranteed excellent services from the time you make your initial enquiry to the installation, integration, and support process.

Nick Senior, Business Manager, London Borough of Ealing:

“We needed a system that offers a high level of flexibility including remote working, yet is intuitive to use and is backed up by solid implementation and subsequent support, Timebase Case Management (Sage CRM) met all those requirements. Additionally, as we have worked with Tricostar for many years, we were confident of the level of support and service they provide. As it transpired this was well founded as contracts were signed at the end of November 2007 and by the end of March all 60 fee earners were working with Case Management on an externally hosted Tricostar server.”