The Best iPad Apps For Lawyers & Solicitors

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26 Feb The Best iPad Apps For Lawyers & Solicitors

The technological infrastructure of our legal system is changing. HM Courts and Tribunals Service has been granted an investment package averaging up to £75m per annum over the five years from 2015/16 in order to modernise its systems. These advances will improve all aspects of the legal process, from more accurate record-keeping and faster data entry to digitalised payment facilities and the numerous advantages that come with operating a single, integrated computer system.

In line with this, legal professionals are updating their own practices. One way in which they are doing this is through the implementation of iPads. Aside from the obvious advantage of a remote workstation, there are several iPad apps and software, some specifically tailored for the legal sector, which lawyers and solicitors are using to keep abreast of the court’s advancements.


Dropbox is a free service that enables the remote access of documents and media (up to 2GB) from a secure online cloud. Whether you’re stuck in court or out of office, simply connect to the Internet and access your files via the Dropbox app to resume your work.


For those instances when you can’t access something via the cloud, LogMeIn offers remote use of your desktop computer through your iPad, enabling you to retrieve files that you might have forgotten or been unwilling to upload to Dropbox.


Readdledocs is a document manager for the iPad that saves documents so they can be accessed anywhere. Working in conjunction with Dropbox, this makes it a great app for reading and editing legal documentation on the go.

Dragon Dictation

dragon dictation
Dragon Dictation is speech recognition software for fast, simple voice transcription when you need to note something quickly, record a stream of consciousness or are otherwise unable to manually enter text into your iPad.

Court Bundling Software

court bunding software
Finally, for helping to organise and structure case presentations, Tricostar’s Court Bundling Software is an essential piece of software specifically designed for use in the courtroom. The software automates the collation, pagination and indexing of bundles with speed and accuracy, modernising the court bundling process for the digital age.

iPads are versatile devices and by maximising on their potential, legal professionals can make their workloads much more manageable. Whether it is used to increase productivity, to save and access documents or as a research tool, the iPad is a powerful device that legal professionals can benefit from.

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