Highland Council Migrate to the Cloud

Highland Council Migrate to the Cloud

Highland Council Legal Department have been using Tricostar’s non cloud desktop based Timebase since 1996. When Tricostar developed and launched the Microsoft Azure Cloud product called Timebase 247, Highland Council chose to migrate because of the attraction of now being able to work remotely and take advantage of all the other new features that come with the Cloud product.

After data migration and training they have now started using Timebase 247.

Jeff Lawler, Managing Partner of Tricostar LLP, said “When we recognized in early 2011 the Government’s commitment to the Cloud we redeveloped our existing web based time recording product to operate in the Cloud using Microsoft Azure as the platform. We also have a number of local government clients who are looking to move from their local versions of Timebase to the Cloud with a view to moving to a web case management system as a next step.”

Stewart Fraser, Joint Acting Head of Legal Services said “The Highland Council and its predecessor authority have been clients of Tricostar since 1993. We are looking forward to our migration to Timebase 247 and anticipate that it will offer our legal staff greater flexibility in allowing remote working”

We are delighted that Highland Council is the first Council to take Timebase 247 which is now under the GCloud Framework.

About Tricostar

Tricostar have been delivering local government applications since 1988 and web applications since 2002. Our government product suite includes case management, statutory complaints management, contract management, Section 106 management, court and document bundling and time recording. For more details please contact Ben Lawler (Ben.Lawler@tricostar.com).