Tricostar Launches New Website & Blog

Tricostar Launches New Website & Blog

Tricostar was launched as a company in 1988 and has been providing high quality IT solutions to both public and corporate customers and clients for almost 26 years. We provide a great variety of different services for all areas of company management such as training, implementation, consultancy, ISO 27001, project management, IT Infrastructure reviews and software as a service.

Our staff in are always learning and changing to strive to improve and refine their skills and processes, making certain that we provide the absolute best of our ability. Our Case Management group have accumulated a combined 50 years of experience between them which enables them to be as knowledgeable as possible for our clients.

One of our proudest achievements was becoming the first company to develop a PDA based time recording software, which we lovingly named Timebase Real Time, a product that has grown and developed alongside our company.

We’re very excited about 2014 as it is the year of our brand new website that was released right at the beginning of January. This brilliant new design not only marks the start of a new year, but the start of our journey into a broader online presence.

We aim to become more accessible to our audience, and this not only includes our current clients and customers but also envelopes a spectrum of potential new customers and clients that we weren’t as available to before.

The new website is refreshingly easy to use, modernised and much more functional than that of its predecessor. It also features a regularly updated blog that hopes to supply interesting and original content with the view to not only help clients better understand our services but to embellish our image as a brand and prove ourselves as an informative and educated source of information. The blog is easy to navigate and really coincides with our aim to communicate better with the internet.

But the website and blog are not the only changes, Tricostar are stepping into social media! We can now be found on many different social media channels, including Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Each site will be regularly monitored and updated to keep our social media presence open for anyone to view. Social media has allowed us to connect with customers and our audience in a way we haven’t before been able to, so we’re really excited about all the changes now in place.

For more information about Tricostar and to better understand our high quality IT services, call 0208 292 2660 or contact us online today.