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Give full visibility to management and users of multiple projects across multiple teams and multiple locations — all whilst on the move.

Sounds ideal, right?

Starting from at little as £5.00 per user per month.

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Streamline information, avoid email overload, keep your team focussed

We Team Up is an online tool where multiple businesses can access and engage in projects to communicate clearly. This ensures that in real-time your team knows what is happening and what the next steps are. No stone is left unturned and it gives a clear vision of what the goals and objectives of a project are, and what needs to happen to get there by working as a team.

Here are some the features our customers love:

  1. Simplify and improve communication – Texts, emails, comments all remain within We Team Up, so no matter if you’re in, or out, your team will be able to stay up-to-date at all times and important communications won’t get lost.
  2. Keep multiple projects centrally organised – Manage multiple projects within one location, or manage multiple streams of dependent alongside one another.
  3. Real time updates – No need to wait until your next weekly project meeting to remain up-to-date with what is changing.
  4. Save your team time and costs – less meetings, less emails and key information at your fingertips allow you to make quick and informed decisions.
  5. Mobile and tablet friendly – We don’t all work at a desk, so We Team Up allows your teams to use the application seamlessly across multiple devices.
  6. Say goodbye to meeting minutes – Record your meeting agenda, outcomes, and tasks on the fly, so that meeting actions are available immediately.
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Get unlimited projects and storage, no matter what.

All prices are per user per month. If paid for annually you will receive one month free.

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  • Up To 10 Users

  • £7.50/Month
  • Up To 30 Users

  • £6.75/Month
  • Up To 50 Users

  • £5.70/Month
  • Up To 100 Users

  • £5.45/Month
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Perfect for managing Brexit!


All activity in one place

  • Use dashboards to track activity across all of your projects
  • Create multiple dashboard with differing views e.g. up and coming milestones versus up and coming meetings
  • The ‘Tiny Ticker’ provides a feed of all updates across all projects

Share and update from anywhere

  • Update any projects from within any part of the application
  • Email updates straight into your projects, or update a project via text message.
  • Receive updates by email and text message.

Collapse what you don’t need

  • Collapse activity and expand it as you need the detail
  • Expand the ‘Tiny Ticker’ for a more detailed overview of activity
  • Expand a to do to see all activity on a project and see what is ‘in focus’

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