Section 106 Management

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Timebase Section 106 Management

Timebase Section 106 management will allow you to increase your revenue, reduce your risk and make more efficient use of your resourcesThis innovative umbrella product will track the progress and review status of the s106 creation through all stages, departments, county, boroughs and districts from initial enquiry/pre-application to discharge of responsibility.Timebase section 106 management application from Tricostar is an s106 development framework that enables full tracking of all s106 agreements at all stages. it seamlessly moves your agreements through all departments and stages, using its powerful workflow tool, ensuring all triggers are met and produces significant savings and revenues.

Key Features

Timebase Section 106 Management uses all of the standard features of Timebase Case Management plus the following:

Includes All Departments

  • Will aid all departments that have input/requirements into the S106 agreement.
  • Provides an interface for departmental S106 systems for data sharing /avoiding dual keying.

Central Repository for All Information

  • Contains details of S106 Agreements and relevant planning and development details.

Monitor from Start to Finish

  • Tracks the progress and review status of the S106 through all stages from pre-application to discharge of responsibility.

Full Financial Control

  • Tracks financial activity including payments due.

Monitor Compliance

  • Monitors compliance of the Trigger points.

Automated Alerts

  • Alerts Planning Obligations managers of Trigger Points being met.

Alerts of Non-Compliance

  • Tracks the Compliance of Terms and alert the Planning Obligations managers of non-compliance.

Provides Management Reporting

  • Provides users with a comprehensive list of management reports.

Full Document Management & Production

  • Timebase’s inbuilt document library enables complete management of your precedent library, while allowing you to manage and track the document history against any file.
  • You may store an up-to-date a copy of all related documents such as planning approvals and the S106 Agreement for all with access to see at the touch of a button.
  • Timebase Section 106 management also allows you to produce documents from templates using the standard Microsoft Mail Merge functionality.

Full Electronic Archiving & Storage

Click here to find out more about how this works in detail.

Exclusively 100% Browser-based

  • Timebase is 100% Web-based (NOT Web-enabled).
  • This means it is designed to work entirely within your browser, with no client install, from anywhere in the world, at any time.
  • Complete Email, Calendaring, Task and Contact integration with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes & Novell GroupWise.

Works with any combination of modules

    • modules will work standalone or with any other combination of the Timebase modules we offer.

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Detailed Summary

Increase your Revenue, Reduce your Risk, and make More Efficient Use of your Resources with this innovative umbrella product that will track the progress and review status of theS106 creation through all stages, departments, county, boroughs and districts from initial enquiry/pre-application to discharge of responsibility.

The Timebase Section 106 Management system from Tricostar is an S106 Development Framework that enables full tracking of all S106 agreements at all stages. It seemlessly moves your agreements through alldepartments, using its powerful workflow tool, ensuring all triggers are met and producing significant savings.

Provide Efficiencies, and Speed Up the S106 Process

Timebase Section 106 Management monitors an S106 agreement from initial inquiry right through to the final heads of terms, and encompasses all departments involved throughout the process.

Its powerful inbuilt workflow tool ensures that a S106 agreement moves seamlessly from one department to the next, giving managers and staff a high level overview of where an agreement is at any time, helping to speed up the delivery of the S106.

Increase the number of departments that have an input into the S106 requests by improving their access to the information in a logical and succinct manner.

Improve the information flowbetween departments which will in turn maximisetheeffectiveness of any development e.g.

If a community hall is being built on the site,where is the land being transferred for the library located? If the Highways Department has requested that the road requires two roundabouts, is the right of way impacted or is there an opportunity to put an underpass?

Often smaller departments get overlooked and are not aware of the S106 until it has been signed, losing out on requests.

Increase Revenue and Provide Revenue Monitoring and Forecasting

The systems ability to track all finances including payments due, monies received, allocated and spent means that the authority can be smarter with its money, and ensure that no money is unnecessarily refunded to developers.

The correct tracking of finances enables savings of up to 7 figures within the first year of using such a system.

Ability to model and provide financial information over time, giving the ability to forecast funding, show forecast against actual, actual against capital expenditure by County, District, Department, Postcode andDevelopment Framework etc.

Provide a High level Overview of S106 Requests to enable senior management to review the progress e.g. Planning Policy Advisors, Monitoring Officers, Planning Obligations Managers andChief Executives at both County and District level.

Reduce the Resources Required to Monitor the S106

By automating the process, resources required to manage it are significantly reduced.

Constant Overview of S106 Status and Progress

The system provides a central point for all departmental S106 requests to be viewed with an overall status by S106, by department and by stage of S106 e.g.

  • Pre-application
  • Setting final heads of terms
  • Drawing up Final S106
  • Planning Approved & Final S106 Complete.
  • Monitoring Triggers
  • Monitoring Compliance
  • Monitoring Capital Expenditure
  • Discharge of Responsibility

These factors combined enable you to…Release money to the authority that is being limited under current budget restraints.