Welsh Government

National Assembly Wales

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Welsh Government

Tricostar is highly experienced in delivering projects to organisations within the UK Government, and has managed a number of successful implementations in recent years. The team have worked with the National Assembly for Wales, The Electoral Commission as well as multiple local authorities, including Suffolk County Council, London Borough of Ealing, and Epping Forest District Council.

Tricostar’s work in this field includes the implementation of Timebase Time Recording, Case Management, and comprehensive CRM solutions. Over the years, we have developed valuable experience in this sector, and continue to provide an excellent service to our UK Government clients.

Timebase Shared Service Software

Timebase is a Development Environment that can be fully mapped to fit in with your business processes.

Tricostar’s consultants have worked with our customers since 1988 to identify and deliver Timebase to organisations to Increase Revenue, Reduce Risk and Increase Efficient Use of Resources.

Our projects to date are proven and working in those areas detailed above, forming a stand alone module or working as any combination as a multi-client, multi-department, Shared Service.

What’s more it is 100% Web-based. Can be part of a Cloud Computing Environment either in-house or Hosted by Tricostar or delivered a Software-as-a-Service in Windows Azure. All products work seamlessly in the same application environment.

Services & Solutions Applications

Tricostar is a pioneer in developing effective shared services solutions. As part of the innovative scheme to streamline local authorities’ IT services, we have implemented a number of highly efficient shared systems. These allow multiple organisations to utilise one system effectively, without the risk of contaminating data. Sharing services like this can significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency.

We have worked with a number of UK Government organisations to implement Tricostar’s Timebase time recording software solutions, including the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, Epping Forest District Council, and London Borough of Ealing. By implementing this 100% web browser based system, users can access the system and input data from a mobile device, further improving organisational efficiency.

Timebase Case Management software ensures the smooth running of your legal department, whilst making information accessible to everyone who needs it. Hosted on your premises or by Tricostar, this 100% web-based software package features a range of tools for the legal sector, including Case and Matter management, Time Recording software, Integrated reporting, billing and document bundling, and more.

Our 100% web-based Court/Document Bundling software allows users to bundle large amounts of documents for court and contracts. It is available as a stand alone application, either hosted or in-house, and/or linked to SharePoint or your existing file or matter management system.

Benefits include the freeing up of staff time by automating manual tasks like collation, pagination and indexing. 5000 page bundles can be created in 5 minutes. Tricostar’s security model ensures safe and secure access to bundles, meaning documents can be distributed over the web in a more secure environment than physically transporting them.