Agentless Malware Protection For Your Website Users

Injected seamlessly into each web page request, Protector Air from Trusted Knight disables malware, encrypts data prior to extraction and prevents content manipulation; all with no impact on customer experience.

Protector Air requires no API calls, plugins or website changes, just a DNS redirect and SSL certificate. Once in place, website owners protect their customers in three stages

  • Initial call and response: A customer’s web page request routes through Protector Air, is inspected for threats and the site response has a layer of protected Javascript added.
  • Active protection:  The Javascript communicates with Protector Air’s cloud-based service to neutralize malware using integrity verification, behavioral analysis, data encryption and by disabling malicious scripts.
  • Threat Intelligence: Threat data is returned to the website owner for reporting, session management and policy development.

Protector Air goes beyond traditional protection to bring you the benefits and security your business and customers deserve


Preventing security breaches and fraud all within one unified solution.

Protector Air is designed to prevent security breaches and fraud all within one unified solution. Malware has become so sophisticated that traditional detect-and-remove endpoint solutions are no longer a viable approach. Conventional endpoint products focus on either security or fraud, not both. Our mission was to develop a comprehensive, lightweight solution protecting the session between the endpoint and web application while offering zero impact on the customer experience. We exceeded our own expectations.

Protector Air changes the way financial institutions, insurance companies, healthcare providers, government agencies, e-retailers and other businesses conducting online transactions protect their digital presences. These organisations can rapidly deploy Protector Air in the cloud, and instantly experience enterprise security as well as real protection for their transacting customers.

Brand Reputation and Enterprise Value Protection

Stops customer data theft that costs companies millions of dollars in hard losses, and even more in brand reputation damage and share price falls

Zero impact on customer experience

Invisible protection negates user experience issues. Customers don’t have to change anything about how they interact with your website

Reduction in Customer Support Costs

Get the overall picture of what’s running with multi-account views, best practices, alerting, and reporting

Significant fraud reduction

Every website customer is protected – Agentlessly and transparently, which means 100% adoption, as opposed to 5-10% for downloads

Minimal IT resource required

OS and device agnostic deployment possible in hours, requiring only a simple DNS redirect and SSL cert details

100% percent user uptake

Because Protector Air is agentless, it ensures a 100% uptake when compared with competitor solutions which require the client to download a plugin.

Are your website users safe from malware attacks?

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