The security of your client and case data should be guaranteed, you don’t have time to change the way you work and the pressure is building to put adequate protection in place. What can you do?

Our data governance and information security solutions, backed by our products for case management, time recording and document bundling will support you in solving these problems whilst ensuring data privacy.

Our Cloud Services

Available in Microsoft Azure, on-premise or hosting provider of your choice.

Data Governance & Security, Document Classification and Labelling.

Even when your network is breached, or your files are leaked, the sensitive and confidential data within cannot be accessed by anyone, without your permission.

Reducing workloads and improving efficiency.

Collate, sort, auto-index thousands of documents in minutes with our 100% web-based document bundling software.

Secure, fast and 100% web-based.

Ensure the smooth running of your legal team by allowing information to be accessible to everyone who needs it, wherever they may be.

Providing secure, intuitive and innovative time recording since 1988.

Identify costs and work practices as well as improve the efficiency of whole teams across your organisation with our pioneering Time Recording software.

Tricostar have been supplying to the public and private sectors since 1988. Specifically, in the areas of web-based Time Recording, Court Bundling and Case Management.

Since our security division was established we now also provide cutting edge solutions and expertise in the areas of:

Our consultants and business analysts come from several highly skilled backgrounds, including military intelligence, crime and forensic investigation, data risk and compliance, finance and anti-money laundering.

Working alongside, to provide cloud based shared services

Our Vision

Although established 30 Years ago Tricostar’s vision is to remain current and relevant for our clients.

We are passionate about bringing high quality, innovative case and resource management solutions to organisations, facilitating genuine reductions in their costs, increasing revenues and enabling resource efficiencies.

We Team Up

Team and project collaboration in the “Cloud”

Centralise the management of multiple projects across multiple teams and multiple locations — all whilst on the move – from as little as £5.00 per user licence.

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