Assess, Move and Control your end-to-end Cloud Strategy.

Our cloud management platform that helps organisations save money, improve security and increase efficiency for public cloud.

We helps enterprise and public sector simplify usage, accelerate cloud adoption and quickly increase ROI.

Providing unprecedented visibility to your cloud estate.

Are you concerned about keeping visibility and control into accounts, costs, users, usage, services, etc across multiple cloud deployments & accounts?

Are you concerned about creating accountability across IT, security & finance?

Are you worried about your budget or overruns?

Are you struggling to keep track of costs?

Is accounting becoming difficult or unpredictable?

Do you worry about being hacked?

Do you know who has access to your data in the cloud?

How advanced are your cloud management skills?

Beyond AWS and Azure?

While AWS and Azure offer built-in tools with many advantages, there are some capabilities that are still lacking.

Many cloud users don’t know where the gaps are – the places where we’re able to utilise powerful tools that automate and provide detailed reporting to deliver control and deliver advanced cloud management.

Who needs Cloud Management?


IT Managers/Directors

Enabling IT Managers/ Directors to optimise purchasing, track spend and keep budget discipline


Security Operations

Provide continuous visibility, audit and alerting to help fulfil multiple framework requirements



Get the overall picture of what’s running with multi-account views, best practices, alerting, and reporting

Key Features


Single unified platform for cost, security and governance issues


Confidently track costs, optimise spending and make purchases


Comprehensive security and compliance best practices


Immediate actionable intelligence with streamlined automation


Save 30%+ on your monthly public cloud bill… It pays for itself

Cloud Assessment Services

Our team of consultants can work with you to deliver a tailored cloud strategy unique to your business requirements.

Cloud Migration Services

A cloud strategy needs a proactive team to take ownership of the migration process.

We offer design, build and migration services delivered against cloud strategy framework.

Cloud Management Services

Our Cloud Management Service provides simplicity and streamlining by providing the reporting on services that public cloud doesn’t, these include cost analysis, security and governance, utilisation and best practices.

Get the best out of your cloud provider with cloud management services

Whether you are taking the first steps toward cloud or your organisation has outsourced all its business data to one of the hyper cloud providers like AWS or Azure, we can help. Our agnostic approach provides an unbiased, independent analysis and recommendations of your current or impending cloud strategy, delivering a range of services from migration, cost controls, automation and governance to ensure TCO and best-practice is at the forefront of your cloud strategy.

Is your cloud infrastructure secure?

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