Achieve GDPR compliance in days, not months.

DataSense is the first and only solution to combine AI-powered PII recognition, privacy management, policy enforcement and GDPR-questionnaires. Automate regulatory compliance and prepare for audits with comprehensive data governance and out-of-the-box industry-standard policies.

Monitor and remediate GDPR violations in structured, unstructured and cloud data from a single point of control.

GDPR Key Features

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA)

DataSense allows organisations to assess the necessity and proportionality of the processing operations and to assess the risks to the rights and freedoms of data subjects.

Record of Processing

DataSense maintains records of processing activities that include purposes of the processing, categories involved and envisaged time limits. The records are available and can be queried through the native search engine.

Consent and Lawful Processing

DataSense manages data subjects` consent by categorising and tracking of Databases, Cloud Service (e.g CRM) and consent documents (e.g KYC Forms). The native search engine allows the user to handle consent withdrawal.

Data Subject’s Rights

DataSense’s policy centre and search engine ensure data subjects’ rights can be met, e.g. right to be forgotten, right to data, data portability and the right to object.

Anonymisation and Pseudonymisation

DataSense can render de-identify data in a way that the data subject is not or no longer identifiable or attributed to a data subject without the use of additional information.

Data Retention and Minimisation

DataSense’s policy centre automatically enforces retention and de-duping policies based on data type, category, location or process.

Data Breach Notification

DataSense enables organisations to comply with the 72-hour mandatory notification window. By using the native search bar, security professionals can assess the breach impact on EU residents and notify to relevant supervisory authority.

Compliance Demonstration

DataSense assists organisations to be prepared for GDPR audits and offers out-of-the-box GDPR policies and interactive GDPR compliance reports.

Has Your Data Gone Dark?

According to Forrester, more than 62% of organisations don’t know where their most critical data resides.

Every second, a tremendous amount of data is being generated in disparate data silos – from end devices to cloud services. On average, 80% of this data is left unmanaged leading to immense security and compliance risks. Existing tools require tedious manual rules which are incapable of grasping the complexity of today’s data.

Why DataSense?

GDPR Questionnaires

Together with leading legal advisers, our privacy experts created a comprehensive and interactive report based on DataSense AI-driven PII recognition technology and out-of-the-box GDPR policies.

Automatic PII Recognition

Our proprietary PII Recognition is able to detect data subjects by understanding context. No configuration is needed.

Data Fusion

DataSense correlates different sources of data to create a comprehensive PII mapping. For instance, it is capable of identifying clients` names in documents in SharePoint Online by correlating PII information stored in SalesForce CRM.

Automatic Policy Enforcement

DataSense not only monitors data assets and PII, but also enforces actionable policies (redaction, minimisation, deletion etc.).

GDPR compliance is only the beginning of achieving holistic data governance.

DataSense does much more…

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