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Information Rights Management Software

Whose in control of your information?

Every day we send communications about intellectual property, confidential information or client sensitive information to parties outside our organisation, by email or as part of a document.

With data privacy and control now more pertinent than ever, we have to provide more assurances and are required to provide more control and security over what happens to that information once it has left the relative safety of our own four walls. Albeit, perimeter security is no longer enough and we should be protecting what is inside our own four walls as well.

What is Information Rights Management?

IRM offers complete lifetime control over documents and emails, providing full lifecycle management.

Encryption as a data security method on its own does not solve your data security needs.

AIP’s IRM features provide complete ‘Protection’ (Encryption + Authentication + User Rights).

  • Encryption ensures that when a document or email is sent to someone else, the content is protected or disguised from being read by anyone other than the intended recipient.
  • Authentication ensures the recipient or consumer is identifiable and access to the content is correctly granted.
  • User Rights control what the user can then do with that information once they have it, be it print, forward, copy & paste etc. Or in the case it may be needed, completely revoke access remotely.

How does IRM work in Microsoft Office 365?

Historically Microsoft controlled IRM using Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) to provide persistent data protection.

With the introduction of Office 365, AD RMS has been superseded by the Azure Rights Management Service, known as Azure Information Protection (AIP).

What if you are already using Active Directory RMS?

We have extensive experience of migrating AD RMS to the cloud, known as Azure Active Directory (AAD). In real terms moving to AIP in the cloud dramatically reduces the types and numbers of services and servers to run an effective IRM service.

Instead, AIP is included as part of Office 365 Enterprise 5 or is only £3.73 per user per month when used with any of O365 Business or Enterprise offerings. AIP will also work when you have a mix of O365 and Exchange accounts.

For many years Tricostar has been using a proven implementation methodology for the rollout of AIP, without disruption to your business.

To find our more about Information Rights Management in Azure, or with help migrating, get in touch.

How Can Tricostar Help?

Tricostar AIP Info Pack

Tricostar’s security division is using a working, proven methodology for implementing AIP across your organisation, be it one to thousands of users, without any disruption to your day-to-day practices.

Your documents and data remain protected no matter where in the world they may be, and our exclusive management dashboard helps you to understand which teams or departments are regularly dealing with sensitive information.

You will be amazed to learn which teams or departments handle the most sensitive and potentially destructive data about your organisation, staff and your clients.

Want to know more about AIP’s RMS capabilities?

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