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We understand that local authorities face an ever increasing pressure on resources. Legal consortiums in particular are under increasing pressure to perform to consistently high levels on strict budgets, requiring excellent time efficiency, communication and project management.

To help accomplish this, Tricostar have developed a market-leading legal consortium web application, allowing you to publish solicitors and barristers rates, and making it easier for authorities to identify high quality work and in turn place payments for the required work.


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As a part of the local authorities quest for greater efficiencies and cost savings Tricostar has developed a market leading legal consortium web application.

This was first conceived, designed and used by the North West Legal Consortium. The product was then taken up by a London based consortium of local authorities administered by Kennedy Cater. Recently the North Wales Legal Consortium have contracted to implement the multilingual version for English and Welsh.

Key Benefits:

  • The ability to publish solicitors and barristers rates – making it easier for local authorities to put out bids for required work to identify best value before awarding work.
  • Forums for Local Authority lawyers and ‘Special Interest Groups’ to share ideas.
  • Training course advertising and a course booking feature to replace manual ways of doing this.
  • A central directory of lawyers within the consortium.
  • Visibility 24/7 365 days a year.

Base Web Application Functionality – Web Application Overview

  • Tricostar’s legal consortium web application is accessed via a choice of current versions of web browsers like any other website. Secure logins grant registered and authenticated users access to enhanced functionality.
  • Any of the functionality listed can be made available to the public or restricted to authenticated users only.
  • Navigation of the web applications is identical; however the ‘design’ of each site is specific to the clients’ requirements.
  • All content can be administered by the web application administrator.
Courses & Events
  • Ability to list courses on offer to Local Authorities.
  • An email reminder will be sent to the delegates prior to the course commencement date.
  • To book a course the user must be logged in, once authenticated access to the booking form is granted.
  • Full details are displayed, including venue and Google Maps link.
  • The person booking on the course can enter notes to the organiser e.g. dietary requirements.
  • You can view ’Who else is booked on the course’.
  • Ability to book other members of your team on to courses.
  • Local Authorities can individually and confidentially request estimates for work from participating Law Firms Barristers and other Local Authorities.
  • Ability for those Barrister’s, Law Firms and other Local Authorities to confidentially submit an estimate within a secure area of the web application.
  • The ability to define:
    • Estimate type – fixed, variable or capped
    • Estimated number of Hours
    • Special terms for Fixed or Capped
    • Notes / Text
Ability for a Local Authority to accept an estimate

You can view current and past activity for both party and current status.

  • Allows for web application administrators to upload documents into a hierarchy structure.
  • The ability for public to search for and download public facing documents based on key words.
  • Authenticated users can search for and download user restricted documents based on key words.


Contract Framework – Browsing Framework Panel Pricelists
  • An interactive rate finder which works by allowing users to browse prices of Barristers and Law Firms based on the Framework Panels. The user will have the ability to enter filter options to view and compare fees based on Barrister or Law Firm; Framework Panel; Seniority; Type of Court; Type of Work Colour coding indicates lowest rate to highest rate.
  • Having viewed the results users can select the Barristers or Law Firms from which they wish to commission work.


Discussion Forums
  • Users have the ability to raise questions or discussions in ‘threads’ and allow other users to respond to these threads.
  • Security allows for Local Authority threads only and Law Firm and Barrister Threads (available to all).
  • Users also have the option to ‘subscribe’ to threads and will receive an email every time a new post is added.



You can list Job and Vacancies for Law Firms, Barristers or Local Authorities.


This page lists the website addresses of the participating Authorities.


This page lists the website addresses of the participating Partner Firms.

  • The Directory can contain a list of all the members of the Consortium – Local Authority Members, Barrister’s Chambers and Law Firms.
  • The list can be filtered as required to locate the Directory entry required.
  • Specialisms can be entered for each user and the directory can be filtered by specialisms Email facility on this page to email selected members.
  • Groups can also be set up so that you may contact everyone related to a particular area of work e.g. ‘Criminal Litigation’.

The application is only available in English as standard but has a multi-lingual facility for users to create separate language versions.

General Features
  • Home Page – A ‘Home’ page is the landing page to the public and the ability to login to the system.
  • About Us Page – Holds information about the Consortium, your goals and objectives or any other content you wish to display.
  • Notice Board – An area to publish Notices.

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