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Pricing and Implementation of Azure Information Protection

Implementing Microsoft Azure Information Protection

Whilst easy to buy and ‘switch-on’ many don’t consider that this approach will likely bring day-to-day operations to a halt.

Our many years of experience with AIP, and migrating Office to the cloud means that we have dealt with many of the common challenges which can potentially disrupt a smooth implementation.

We have worked with some of the worlds largest organisations, consolidating many on-premise RMS servers for thousands of users.

We operate a proven implementation methodology which ensures business continuity and protects your documents and emails at the point of creation.

Our Proven Implementation Methodology

Policy Setting

Working with your data controllers, our proven implementation methodology helps to define the way different types of data should be classified, labelled and then automatically protected. We can provide a default set of legal-specific and/or GDPR compliant policies, which can then be modified to fit your business needs. Rules can then be defined that govern how data is labelled and actions such as visual marking (headers, footers, watermarking) and protection (encryption, authentication and use rights) can be enforced.


Data can be classified based on content, context and source, automatically. Users can select the sensitivity label applicable to the document if they wish to apply a higher level of encryption than automatically applied by your policies. Classification and labelling information is then embedded into the document or email and it travels with it everywhere.


Labels are metadata that are embedded within a document or email, in clear text so other systems can read it. Labels are persistent and travel with the document. Actions such as the visual marking of the document and encryption can be enforced based on the label. Our unique document management API ensures these labels remain intact for document categorisation, no matter which document management system you are using.


This is the encryption of the document, plus the inclusion of authentication requirements and a definition of the user rights to the data. This ensures only authorised users have access to protected data and they can perform only allowed actions on the data e.g. whether a user can print or forward a document or email on.


Your emails and documents can be now be shared knowing that they are protected using the policies you have set to classify and label them. You remain in control, regardless of whether they are shared internally or with an insecure third party.

Monitoring and Reporting

Data controllers can track activities on all files and revoke access in case of unexpected activity. Full forensic details and reporting tools are also available that can help you to monitor, analyse and report on data for compliance and regulatory purposes. Our exclusive management dashboard helps to visualise which of your departments or teams are regularly dealing with sensitive data so that you can effectively manage your policies.

Which version of AIP and O365 do you need?

To enjoy automatic classification and protection of your emails and documents you will require an AIP Premium P2 license, which is £3.73 per user per month.

If you are an Office 365 E5 user AIP Premium P2 is included at no charge.

If you have a Business, Business Essentials, or Business Premium account, to use AIP you will need a Pro Plus license, as well as a P2 license. At this point, it may become more cost effective to move any users with Business licenses to Enterprise.

Some of the key features of Azure Premium P2:

  • Rights to use the on-premises connectors
  • Rights to track and revoke shared documents
  • Automated and recommended classification, labelling and protection, with policy-based rules
  • Right to use Hold Your Own Key (HYOK) configurations that span Azure
  • Rights Management and Active Directory Rights Management

To find out more about what it would take to implement Azure Information Protection, speak with one of our consultants.

AIP overview in two-minutes:

Find out how Tricostar can secure your firm’s data today.

How Can Tricostar Help?

Tricostar AIP Info Pack

Tricostar’s security division is using a working, proven methodology for implementing AIP across your organisation, be it one to thousands of users, without any disruption to your day-to-day practices.

Your documents and data remain protected no matter where in the world they may be, and our exclusive management dashboard helps you to understand which teams or departments are regularly dealing with sensitive information.

You will be amazed to learn which teams or departments handle the most sensitive and potentially destructive data about your organisation, staff and your clients.

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