London Borough of Ealing Expands Use of Timebase into School Effectiveness Department

London Borough of Ealing Expands Use of Timebase into School Effectiveness Department

Ealing’s School Effectiveness Department have ordered an additional 40 Timebase (TCM) user Licences

The shared service application, already in use within the Legal and Highways departments, is to assist them in recording time and maintaining correspondence records associated with school projects in which they are involved.

Timebase was first installed in the Legal and Democratic Services Department of the London Borough. Using the TCM system has brought measurable cost-savings. With TCM being completely web-based and hosted externally, it costs just 30% of what it would cost to have the system installed on the Council’s network.

Their Business Manager confirms, “By opting for an externally hosted service, we saved £50,000 at start-up and have saved £10,000 to £15,000 every year since in on-going support. If we’d had to load a new software system onto our own network and servers at Ealing, all the support for that data would have had a cost. We’d have incurred a high implementation charge, as well as annualised costs for on-going support from our ICT service providers.”

About Timebase

Timebase (based on Sage CRM) can be configured to a client’s requirements without any effects on the underlying code. It comes with a powerful user driven workflow and reporting engine that enables government organisations to manage processes and share data within their various departmental organisations.

The system’s multi-layered security model permits the inter-departmental sharing of the database and the hardware platform. This significantly reduces the organisation’s overall infrastructure and knowledge costs required to maintain the system environment.

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