Efficient Legal Documentation: The Electronic Revolution

Efficient Legal Documentation: The Electronic Revolution

The pace of new technology is moving at an unprecedented rate. It’s now an integral and essential part of business life. Although companies worldwide are seeing the benefits of the paperless office, the law firms still generate vast quantities of paperwork.

However the legal profession is beginning to appreciate the benefits of embracing new ways of managing data and modernising methods of working. There are a number of good reasons why it’s time to make the change.

Paper Systems – A Waste of Money and Resources

printer costsLaw firms compile and hold huge amounts of sensitive data, which is vital for their everyday work. Collating, filing and maintaining these systems creates substantial and continuous costs in clerical staff, secure storage and paper.

Add to this the general expense of photocopying, printing and courier services for urgent document deliveries and the impact on a firm’s budget is invariably considerable.

Inefficient Procedures – Too Much Room for Error

Even a well-ordered archive contains vast amounts of paperwork for every case. Obtaining a quick and accurate overview of a particular case can be difficult if not impossible.

Information becomes hard to track and it’s all too easy for mistakes to be made, especially if several people are referring to the same documents.

Paper isn’t particularly robust so with constant handling it becomes worn and details are easily obscured or lost altogether. This state of affairs is hardly satisfactory for your clients as requests for information can’t always be dealt in a timely manner and urgent, out-of-hours situations become harder to deal with.

The Way Forward – Safe Storage and Instant Access

FilingSpecialist software systems have been developed for the industry, which allow for safe storage of data and case information in one central location. Authorised staff can have almost instant access from the office or anywhere in the world.

Encryption programmes enable files to be securely transferred between locations and even emails can be similarly protected.

The risk incurred by fire and theft is also greatly reduced, providing a robust back-up system is in place. This is particularly pertinent in today’s competitive world as the quantity and sensitive nature of the data held makes law firms particularly attractive targets for criminal activity.

Streamlined Processes and Increased Accountability

Cloud-based solutions can also ensure consistent handling and documenting, as all personnel will be using the same systems and methods.

Amendments and updates can be accurately recorded in a timely manner and the resulting alterations will be visible to everyone. Input is clearly recorded so a precise audit trail can be maintained and fee earners will have a detailed record of their work.

Save Time and Money

Paper notebooksAn online system will save even small firms thousands of pounds a year in terms of paper costs and staff overheads. In turn this will lead to a great improvement in productivity.

Personnel can focus on essential tasks rather than time-consuming administration. For example fewer than half of all law firms have an internal audit function and even where this does exist it’s usually the remit of one person.

A centralised system enables swift and efficient analysis and discrepancies can quickly be located and resolved. Customer service will also enjoy a dramatic improvement as all information is immediately to hand.

A Global Economy Brings New Challenges

Many law firms now operate on an international scale. Adopting integrated methods of working and efficient ways to safely share information is more vital today than it’s ever been.

Moving from a paperless to a digital system is essential if firms don’t want to be left behind in the high-speed world of 21st century business. When clients need answers there simply isn’t time to hunt for an old piece of paper. Your competitor may have the same information at the click of a mouse.

A Range of Solutions – Affordable and Effective

Tricostar offers innovative and powerful software for the legal profession. From time and project management programmes and secure document storage, to marketing automation and customer service tools, we provide cutting edge and easy-to-use applications. Each product can function as a stand-alone feature or as part of a suite of programmes.

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