Government To Set Up Own Cloud Computing System

Government To Set Up Own Cloud Computing System

UK cloud computing strategy could save up to £3.2bn a year, says Cabinet Office

This article is attributed to Charles Arthur, Technology Editor
It was originally published Wednesday 27 January 2010
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“Back in 1885, the civil service bought its first-ever typewriter, despite stiff resistance from in-house calligraphers. About 20 years later the government took another leap into the unknown when it invested in its first telephone, a mere three decades after the technology was first demonstrated.”
Angela Smith, Cabinet Office Minister

To date Tricostar are only one of the only suppliers in government providing 100% Web-based applications to government and have been since the year 2000, some decade ahead ofour closestcompetitors. We now host applications for over 10 local and central government departments and this is rapidly growing as customers realise the potential savings involved. The government has unveiled a sweeping strategy to create its own internal “cloud computing” system – such as that used by Google, Microsoft and Amazon – as part of a radical plan that it claims could save up to £3.2bn a year from an annual bill of at least £16bn.

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