An Introduction to Sage CRM

An Introduction to Sage CRM

In marketing and sales it’s important to connect with and understand your customers in order to give them the best experience possible.

Sage CRM is a customer relationship management tool giving management and customer-facing staff all the client information and account control needed to improve upselling, cross selling and marketing strategies.

Having all the relevant information ready and available to each department gives your business a competitive advantage. Your company can save on costs by automating tasks and improving internal communications whilst maximising profits through the creation of more efficient and productive business relationships.

Why Do You Need Sage CRM?

Customer relationship management tools present you with your client’s history such as communication preferences, and preferred products giving you a detailed sense of who they are.

Having information readily available shows you’re committed to your clients and their needs. Your commitment to them will be rewarded with their loyalty.

CRM saves time by having all the information you need centralised and easily accessible, meaning decision-making is quicker and more accurate. The ease of access to information helps to identify the most profitable customers meaning greater returns on your investments and better use of recourses.

Sage CRM makes your team more productive, flexible and mobile as they can access relevant information wherever they are, whenever they need it.

Who Uses CRM?

Sage customer relationship management tools are designed for any part of the company that deals with external sources or needs to monitor the business. Management and operations personnel can see all aspects of the business in real time.

Sales teams have access to historical and current credit, and product and pricing details, whilst marketing teams are able to track which products are performing best and worst, allowing appropriate actions to be taken to improve sales and move stock.

If the client has any issues, customer services has the relevant data, such as order history and balances, to fix their problems quickly and efficiently. Accounting departments have easy access to reports on payment history and outstanding balances.

What Can Sage CRM Help You Do?

Who uses CRMBy using Sage CRM, business decisions will have greater impact as management can see business and employee performance across multiple criteria, in real time, using a visual dashboard.

Sales teams have access to a customisable dashboard allowing them to start, monitor and complete transactions with ease and efficiency.

CRM will access customer information from various sources presenting them in centralised reports relevant to each user’s needs. Having the different types of data so easily accessible and interchangeable between teams within your organisation means they work together much more efficiently.

There is no single team using a type of report that another team doesn’t understand. Reduced miscommunication and automated manual tasks reduce possible issues caused by human error. By streamlining productivity and increasing flexibility with the mobile device app, Sage CRM creates an incredibly efficient and productive team.

By using the latest technology you’re able to give consistent high-quality service to your clients. When your clients know they can have a stress-free and dynamic experience with your company they’ll keep returning for business. Sage CRM allows you to offer customers the ability to see data related to their transactions, making life more convenient for them and saving your company time and money.

Why Select Sage CRM?

Mobile Sage CRMSage’s customer relationship management tool offers seamless integration with Sage enterprise recourse planning straight from the box, saving significant amounts of time and money when getting up and running.

Sage CRM is available on-site and on the cloud. To help make your business as streamlined as possible, you’re not forced to use one or the other you can easily migrate between the two when needed.

Through Wi-Fi, the Mobile app gives complete use of the CRM’s functions meaning the sales team are able to provide the best customer service possible when travelling to meet clients.

When out of the office conducting business operations and management, staff can improve business decisions and workflow using the app. Should an issue arise, Sage also offer a vast and comprehensive support system through Sage business care for their customer relationship management program and all other Sage products.

Sage has a clear competitive edge over traditional methods of running a business and serving clients. It creates transparency for management and streamlines decision-making. For sales, marketing and customer service teams, it removes miscommunication, reduces human error and increases flexibility whilst keeping all the information secure, easy to access and simple to use.

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