No End to the Silver Linings with Cloud Computing

silver lining

No End to the Silver Linings with Cloud Computing

The Silver Lining

Many years ago, my teacher taught me to expect a silver lining to every cloud. Throughout my life, this metaphorical silver lining has helped get people through some stormy times. Back when I was learning about clouds from my teacher, there was no such thing as cloud computing.

Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted IT applications and systems over the internet. All the user needs is a compatible device and an internet connection to work with cloud-based applications.


Some would argue that cloud computing is nothing but silver linings. The benefits of cloud-based business solutions using the Windows Azure platform are clear, and the Software as a Service (SaaS) software applications developed by Tricostar allow our clients access to business systems when they need to. One of these is Timebase247; web-based time recording system developed by Tricostar for the cloud.

The most interesting characteristic of the technological cloud is its ever increasing list of silver linings. With technological advances, cloud computing is gaining ground and seems to constantly deliver better and greater capabilities. This explains the phenomenal growth in the uptake of cloud solutions by businesses, organisations and individuals. Cloud computing is all around us, not only for business, but for recreational purposes, too.

Greater Efficiency

Cloud computing has aided in the achievement of greater efficiency, ease of access, developing scalable operations, unlimited participation and a lot more. Moving with the times is essential in developing businesses, and cloud computing has been a huge shift in the way that enterprises operate, not only at a technical level – but at a business user level.

Business users now have the ability to access applications on the move, or from home. Whilst security is paramount, this is of huge benefit to overall productivity and engagement of colleagues.