Digital Dictation from Tricostar & BigHand

Digital Dictation from Tricostar & BigHand

Tricostar, a leading software development company, has formed a partnership with BigHand, the award-winning Sunday Times Tech Track 100 company, isto offer their digital dictation solution as part of their Legal Case Management solution.

BigHand digital dictation is a leading legal network workflow software and allows fee earners to record case notes in BigHand’s unique ‘.bhf’ voice file format and send them to legal secretaries for transcription, wherever they are globally. Over 400 professional service organisations currently use the software worldwide.

BigHand digital dictation software includes a cutting-edge Codec sound compression system, and is the only digital dictation software in the world to incorporate granular resynthesis, rumbling filtering, dynamic pitch control, multiple quality setting and chatter reduction technology. It was also the first dictation system to offer Citrix/Terminal Server support.

“It’s great that we have formed this partnership to work together with BigHand”, commented Jeff Lawler, Managing Partner of Tricostar. “We feel that their industry leading digital dictation software will help our clients become even more focused on offering an efficient and cost effective service.”

BigHand allows users to dictate directly on to a computer using a handheld microphone or a headset and facilitates an immediate productivity improvement because each dictation is sent to support instantly – rather than at the end of a 3-hour tape or backlog, and users can dictate while on the move via mobile phones or connect into the system while at home. It is also possible to indicate the priority of a particular document and to log the progress of each particular document through the system. Professional services organisations have reported millions of pounds of savings over the past 5 years through their use of the system.

James Kippenberger, Sales Manager at BigHand, commented:

“In addition to the large number of law firms on the system, in the past year we have seen increasing interest from local authorities in regard to our BigHand3 system. Councils already implementing these systems include Cambridgeshire County Council, City & County of Swansea, Essex County Council and Leicester City Council. Our work with Tricostar will allow us to offer the solution to an even wider public and corporate base.”

About Tricostar

Tricostar is a leading developer and supplier of practical and workable web based management solutions for the public and corporate sectors. Since formed in 1989, Tricostar has gained a reputation for quality, reliability and innovation.

About BigHand

BigHand is the leading digital dictation vendor across Europe & Australia, maintaining the 5 largest sites in the global legal sector and with more legal installations in total than all the other suppliers combined. BigHand was named as the UK’s fastest growing private legal software developer in the fifth annual Sunday Times Tech Track 100 league table for 2006, sponsored by Microsoft. BigHand was also recognised by Deloitte as one of the 500 fastest growing software vendors in Europe in 2004. Additionally BigHand was voted “Best Legal Office Technology System 2004” from votes from over 14,000 lawyers and IT managers across the legal sector at the LOTIE Awards. BigHand was also voted Best Legal Office Technology Supplier at the 2003 LOTIE Awards, and our leading product won the Society for Computers & Law IT Award in 2003 for “the most outstanding application of information technology to the law in UK and Ireland”.

Further information is availableon the BigHand website.