New Release: Cryptshare V3.9

New Release: Cryptshare V3.9

cryptshareThe latest release of Cryptshare updates the solution to be more user friendly, whilst also increasing overall security. The update allows users to transfer files over the 2GB limit but without Java of Flash open in their browser. The program is now readily available via the new HTML5 based upload mode.

One key feature and arguably the most important is that users can use Cryptshare without needing a Java application. Ultimately, this saves administrators a significant amount of time, as they no longer need to install, sustain and support the Java system.

Java can be quite frustrating for users having to wait for it load, and it can produce a number of annoying warnings when not fully up to date. The removal of Java or Flash doesn’t just mean that Cryptshare is quicker for the user, but it also increases the level of security for users.

If users are uploading larger files, they will now benefit from Cryptshare’s new HTML5 mode. HTML5 has led to advances in upload speeds to the Cryptshare sever, however older browsers can still use Cryptshare in Java Mode and Simple Mode still remains within the product.

Cleverly, the system will automatically find the best option for your computer, so if you have browsers that support HTML5 you will get the new Cryptshare. If you have an older version with Java then Java mode will automatically be used instead. However, if you do not have Java or if it is outdated or disabled, the system will switch to simple mode. In Simple Mode users cannot send files over 2GB.

To download the new Cryptshare update users will need Internet Explorer 10 or above, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, as these are the browsers that currently support HTML5. It is easy to transfer files from any one of these browsers; users have the option to ‘add files’ or simply drag and drop the files on the button in the web interface.

Overall, this update has made the process of transferring files faster and more secure. If you’d like to know more about how Cryptshare could protect your business, please contact Tricostar, by calling 0208 292 2660 or contacting us online.