Tricostar & iSupport: Solutions Together

iSupport and Tricostar

Tricostar & iSupport: Solutions Together

iSupport is an IT help desk software provider that has been running since 1992, and has been working alongside Tricostar for many years.

Whilst much of the technology we used today is taken for granted, the help desk industry was actually introduced to many features by the longstanding iSupport Software in the 1990s.

These features included live chat, browser-based support portals and email ticket submission. They are invested in R&D which produces an average of two major solution releases each year.

iSupport is the oldest privately-owned continuously operating provider of help desk software and customer support in the world.

The solutions that iSupport offer have often been shown to increase overall revenue, reduce organisational costs and improve performance and Tricostar’s customers have highly benefitted by the solid company relationship that they share.

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Working Together

Coupling Tricostar’s many cloud-based solutions with iSupport’s reputable IT support software equals a reliable and well maintained service from both organisations.

iSupport offers two separate editions which are separable by an easy license file. They offer an Incident Management package, as well as their Service Desks, providing the opportunity to practise a demo of their services via their website.

The Incident Management edition means that your help desk will have the capabilities to deal with SLAs, assets, incidents, knowledge, approvals, routing and end user self-help alongside many other things. The interface is highly customisable and features drag-and-drop dashboards with unlimited end use portals.

These end use portals are accessible from anywhere your users are, such as mobile devices, desktops, tablets and social media sites. The Incident Management edition starts at $895.

The Service Desk edition aims to expand on the foundation and offers a more advanced set of features. This edition is best suited to organisations that find themselves having to adhere to certain standards, for example the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

The original Incident Management features are fully integrated in the Service Desk edition but they are broadened in functionality.

Features include Configuration Management Database (CMDB), Change Management, Service Catalog and Problem Management. The Service Desk edition starts at $1,595.

This long running, well respected, privately-owned company can be trusted to provide multi-channel help desk support that caters to all of your different needs.

Visit the iSupport website here.

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