Tricostar Court Bundling Application Now Links to SharePoint

Tricostar Court Bundling Application Now Links to SharePoint

Since launching Court Bundling as a stand-alone solution we delighted to announce that we have now linked this application to SharePoint

This means that users whose document reside in a SharePoint library can now directly access those libraries and download documents that will comprise the bundle. Before the bundle is created Timebase Court Bundling will check and download the latest version of the documents to ensure the bundle is current.

The Timebase Court Bundling software is a 100% web-based solution that is available to any Legal Team that has a requirement to bundle large amounts of documents ready for Court.

Staff time can now be freed up by automating the manual task of collation, pagination and indexing of bundles.In load testing Tricostar have compiled three 5000 page bundles in under 5 minutes.

Timebase court bundling software will automatically perform the re-indexing, re-sectioning and re-pagination of your bundles at the touch of a button.