Secure Document Bundling/Court Bundling

Collate, sort, auto-index thousands of legal documents in minutes with our document bundling software, reducing workloads and improving efficiency.


Document Bundling is web-based document management software that collates documents into a fully secure system. Our software is ideal for independent lawyers, and law firms; allowing users to find and annotate legal documents easily, and make them presentable for courtroom.

  1. Easily search across legal cases, documents, and bundles for text or filenames. View documents and navigate straight to where the section is found on the page.
  2. Upload multiple documents together and add notes with specific dates.
  3. Toggle “mini” bundles inclusion on documents and sections. Create PDFs with late inserts, date range selection, and fully indexed, highlighted sections.
  4. Flexibility to split PDFs into a set number of maximum pages to control file size.
  5. Ability to add in your own companies branding.
  6. Fully integrated with SharePoint and O365 for all document management requirements



One-click Bundle PDF Creation.

  • Create an automatically indexed, paginated bundle at the click of a button.
  • Create the index only with late inserts, or select documents.
  • Create multiple PDFs based on number of pages or size of file.

Drag and Drop Organisation. Automatic Pagination.

  • Reorder your index automatically, sorting by date or name.
  • Reorder your index by simply dragging and dropping documents or sections where you want.
  • Your pagination and index are automatically adjusted next time you generate the bundled PDF.

Security Across Teams

  • Team Management can add users and apply security settings to documents and bundles.
  • Next version will synchronise to the Timebase document library and/or SharePoint library.

Document Options

  • Preview the documents and rotate images, e.g. a PDF that has been scanned in, and needs rotating.
  • Move documents to different sections and easily edit the document description, date, and late entry status.
  • Tick to include in Mini Bundle (either at document or section level).

Configurable Document Library Options

Documents can be added from any of the following locations, by simply ticking a box:

  • Case Management System
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Local Document Library built into the Document Bundling system i.e. documents already loaded into bundles
  • Explorer – Files that the user has access to on the Network or user’s own machine
  • Can be further configured to connect to other document libraries

“Court Bundling has been a godsend. Without it, we couldn’t have coped with the workload and would have had to employ more fee earners.

Julie Grant, Head of Legal Services, Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

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