Securely Hosted Tricostar Time Recording

Identify costs and work practices as well as improve the efficiency of whole teams across your organisation with our pioneering Time Recording software.

Starting from at little as £1.50 per user per month.


Time Recording Sheet

Track Time Quickly

  • Quick time entry
  • See a copy of last time recorded easily
  • Default to a teams primary set of data

View Time Sheets Easily

  • Easy approval process
  • Time entry with a copy function
  • Submit single or multiple entries at once

Clear Communication

  • View records of “Approved” and “Paid” statuses
  • Team Manager can approve or edit records
  • Add notes to employees for feedback

Historical Time Data Recorded


How Secure is Your System Security?

An uncomfortable truth – There is no system in the world that can’t be hacked! With Tricostar, we have this covered.

Find out how Tricostar’s applications address this increasing security need.

“The system we have means that we can easily demonstrate that we provide a good-quality professional service at a very competitive cost.”

Sally Longmate, Practice & Business Development Manager, Suffolk County Council

Flexible installation options – On premise server, Cloud hosted, SAS

This intuitive time-recording system is designed to be used across organisations with distributed divisions, teams, and employees.

  1. Processing of the timesheets is simple. A team manager can manually approve single or bulk timesheets. Alternatively, the system can be set to auto-approve at a Global System, Division, Team, or individual user level.
  2. The approval workflow is straightforward to view and management of the approval stage is user friendly, with a cycle of Unsubmitted, Submitted, Approved, Rejected, and Paid.
  3. Each employee can see the status of their records and payments. Flexitime can be accrued and used by the accounting period.
  4. Email communication can be sent between parties to notify of sheets submitted for each approval stage.
  5. The system is multilingual, making it ideal for international organisations and specific department terminology requiring translation.
  6. Single sign on with Active Directory or Google as authentication provider

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