Tricostar is launching a data management service:

The Virtual Data Operations Centre (vDOC)

The emergence of strong and strictly enforced data protection laws across most countries has incentivised companies to take steps to better understand their data:

  • Where it is held
  • How and by whom it is accessed
  • How well it is protected
  • Its accuracy

Effective implementation of an appropriate level of data management is massively beneficial to any company, improving all layers of operations from strategic decision making to operational/departmental level.

Characteristics and features of the Virtual Data Operations Centre (vDOC) managed service.

Tricostar offers a managed service which has the required mix of skills and technology for every individual client. We help any size organisation understand, manage and secure their data.

We choose and validate appropriate technology and procedures which are utilised to leverage data for better security and business operations.

This supporting technology will enable us to undertake such functions as:
  • Data discovery to determine where Data Assets of different types reside, especially personal information.
  • Mapping access privileges and levels of access.
  • Manage data subject rights.
  • Determine and manage any data security incidents including data breaches.
  • Better protect data at rest and in transit.
  • Improving compliance and managing spend on cloud storage.

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The greatest opportunity for any business is to improve its data management to help make better informed decisions, understand its products management and production better and significantly improve customer targeting and engagement.

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