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Sage CRM

04 Feb Customer Relationship Management & Sage

Customer acquisition is one of the most crucial processes for SME’s, particularly for startups and those who are still young. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software was a late addition to the world desktop computing, but today is used by tens of thousands of companies all over the world.

Sage CRM

While there are many CRM software brands to choose from, Sage CRM is one of the most advanced integrated software suites available on the market. Sage CRM links your customer care, sales and marketing efforts with one simple integrated system, allowing businesses to manage a ‘snapshot view’ of their current standing with prospects, existing and past clients.

Sage CRM can be tailored to meet your specific company requirements, helping you to streamline processes and maximise potential.

There are many benefits of using Sage CRM:

  • Unify your marketing, sales & customer care, making life easier for your entire business team.
  • Automated customer service to equip your staff with tools for communication and collaboration.
  • Automated marketing to aid with targeting & acquiring customers.
  • Access your CRM from anywhere with web-based software

Here at Tricostar, we take pride in delivering Sage CRM systems including installation, setup and training. For more information or to speak to one of our advisors, get in touch with Tricostar today!