The Importance of Scalable IT Solutions

Scalable IT

The Importance of Scalable IT Solutions

In May 2014, we published an article about implementing long-term IT solutions for your organisation, you can read it right here.

Part of this approach is to ensure that your organisational systems are scalable and flexible.

But what do we mean by scalable, and why is it so important?


A system that is scalable is a system that can grow with your operation. For smaller businesses, it is important that their IT grows with their organisation, without the need for costly upgrades or major switches to other providers.

The key to scalability is flexibility. This doesn’t only refer to the number of users, but perhaps the opening of new product lines, the entrance into new markets, the expansion of service offerings, and much more.

Everything that you implement that impacts business processes must be considered for the long-term.

Having a scalable solution reduces admin, unnecessary investment, and allows for peace of mind.


Traditionally, implementing business systems can be a significant investment. At Tricostar, we pride ourselves on offering competitive prices per user on the solutions that we offer. However, every business system implementation does require some financial input. This means that you need to carefully consider the value of that investment. Proper planning is essential, and implementing a short-term non-scalable solution can prove to be costly.

In addition to the financial investment, there is time and human resource investment in organisational systems. Researching the right solution for you takes time in itself, and no matter how big your organisation, the implementation stage may take some time.


If you work in the private sector, there is every chance that you will be looking to grow your business, whether this be in terms of client base or number of hands on deck. After emerging from a challenging recession, SMEs are beginning to get back on their feet, and are looking ahead to the future rather than firefighting the present.

If this is the case, you must look to the future with your IT. As your business grows, do you have the right systems in place? Thinking ahead will prevent any last minute knee-jerk reactions.


Occasionally there comes a time when your organisation needs to become more streamlined. In the case of public sector, directives from above may sometimes require downsizing. Furthermore, if your business relies on fluctuating projects, this is of similar concern.

In this case, it is important to have a system that can move with these fluctuations with ease. Being stuck with an IT behemoth and no users to utilise it is a highly inefficient operation.

Having a scalable solution means that your organisation remains agile at all times.

Our Solutions – Timebase

The model that we offer is entirely scalable. This works for us, and it works for our clients. We want to make sure that organisations of any size are able to make use of Timebase, and our pay-per-user model means that this solution is able to grow with our clients’ needs. New users can be added quickly, and system upgrades can be made at the flick of a switch.

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