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The most secure legal case management software for independent lawyers or law firms. Ensure the smooth running of your legal teams, or management teams with a secure, fast, web-based solution.


Maximise your resources and reduce the pressure and stress on your team with our Tricostar Case Management (TCM) Software. Keep your departments and teams running smoothly by allowing information to be accessible to everyone who needs it, wherever they may be.

As would be expected of any leading multilingual case management solution, we provide comprehensive functionality for Time Recording, Billing, Document Management, Court Bundling, Contact Management, Risk and Compliance, User-driven Workflow and User-driven Reporting – all of which are detailed in our brochure.

However, the following features are some highlights of what our customers tell us they find really useful:

  1. User Dashboards – Enjoy a completely configurable view of the information you need access to quickly, and on a regular basis.
  2. SharePoint & Office 365 – Fully integrated with SharePoint and O365 for all document management requirements
  3. A Highly Configurable application that can be changed at a user lever as business needs and strategies change so costs of ownership are slashed.
  4. Workflow – Our workflow wizard allows users to build workflows themselves visually and efficiently, whilst fee earners can action the next stage of any workflow directly from their dashboard.
  5. Email Management – Automatically file emails you send and receive through your usual mailbox to their correct contacts and cases. Very time efficient
  6. File Reviews – At the click of a button, TCM allows you to produce electronically indexed copies of all of your communications and documents associated with a file to ensure you meet risk and compliance expectations.
  7. Reporting – TCM not only provides a comprehensive library or reports, but users and administrators can create and customise their own.
  8. Notifications – Receive important notifications and reminders on-screen or by email.
  9. Granular Security Model – Can be used within a consortia or shared service where a group of legal’s departments can share key components or define what an individual fee earner can see on a specific screen, down to field level.
  10. Multi-lingual – Not only does TCM come in multiple language options, it’s terminology can be translated to work with the differing nomenclature across departments.

How Secure is Your System Security?

An uncomfortable truth – There is no system in the world that can’t be hacked! With Tricostar, we have this covered.

Find out how Tricostar’s applications address this increasing security need.



Customise TCM to meet the needs of your team

Create your own dashboards so that key information and actions are to hand, as well as view individual and team dashboards, or view them by type of work.


All the features of Time Recording & Document Bundling

Tricostar Case Management Software comes with all of the features of our comprehensive Time Recording and Document Bundling solutions so that your team can manage all aspects of their legal cases.


Achieve operational efficiency with automated workflow

With a comprehensive library of reports and workflow, create and customise your own reports and workflow so that Timebase evolves with as your processes and efficiency improve.

Complete document management and document library

Keep control over your documents:

  • Document Creation using Templates
  • Multi-document upload
  • Multiple Document search options – filename, contents, date ranges
  • Document contents search
  • Document Previewer
  • Links to Other Document Libraries e.g. SharePoint
  • Document Previewer

The advantages of TCM for workflow are substantial. We are prompted with the next step, and checks and balances ensure our processes are always followed correctly. All the relevant documentation is presented, with the system churning out the right documents, with the right information populated in all the right places. This saves a great deal of time previously spent finding and collating information.

Fareeza Sheik, Senior Legal Officer, Epping Forest District Council

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